This product is an extremely high performance cement with a unique combination of hardness, flexibility and resistance to wear. With this product, you can achieve uniform flooring, synonymous with continuity and space. Seamless Terrazzo is a two-component mineral-based product with proven performance. It can be applied to create floors, walls, tops and celining characterised by exposure of small or large aggregates, all rigorously selected. On a base of matt and natural colour tones, with rapid polishing processes we can achieve the highest and most attractive levels of gloss and shine, giving unparalleled durability, under all traffic conditions and with low maintenance over time.

Its ideal application is indoors for civil, commercial and industrial flooring and for large surfaces. This product is perfect wherever resistance to high abrasion and high technical performance under heavy traffic are required. It can be used in schools, museums, shops, restaurants, lobbies, shopping centres, airports and hospitals, with soon available Antibacteria Line. With its high resistance to wear, Seamless Terrazzo is suitable for heavy industrial applications, engineering industries, warehouses and logistics centres. Applicable also for the creation of products and Pre-cast product shapes with layer thickness between 12 and 30 mm, for the creation and installation of Terrazzo panels, on both floors and walls.

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