A partially self-leveling, professional and advanced performance product. Composed of two components, selected aggregates and a special cement base, Seamless Ecoflow is extremely resistant and flexible. Once spread, it maintains its workability for about 30-90 minutes, allowing precise and customisable application. With Seamless Ecoflow you will have the entire RAL colour chart at your disposal and, once laid and finished, the result is unrivalled in terms of soft opacity and/or gloss.

For indoor use, ideal for domestic, commercial and industrial floors. It is highly resistant to abrasion and is designed primarily for: schools, museums, shops, restaurants, lobbies, shopping centres and airports. Its incredible anti-wear characteristic also makes it ideal for industrial applications such as warehouses and logistics centres.

Applicable in a layer with thickness from 12 mm when applied, and finished to 10 mm after sanding and polishing.

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