From the first steps to the final ones, Etonsurfaces Primers & Sealers section includes the products to guide you to complete your seamless flooring and to give it the final touch. Our primers are perfect for the preparation of the surface before the application of the mortar to achieve the best bond possible. Among our sealers, you can look for the right protection for our Seamless Terrazzo to shield it from stains and to achieve the final desired gloss. In our filler section and densifier sections, you can find for the right products to fill eventuale holes in the flooring arising during the grinding process and to make your concrete denser.

ProEco Primer A6: View  –  Download

ProPrimer A3: View  –  Download

ProSealer 330: View  –  Download

ProSealer 1000: View  –  Download

ProDuro 360: View  –  Download

ProEco Plus: View  –  Download

ProPU 130: View  –  Download

Pro Oil 2K: View  –  Download

ProEco Fill: View  –  Download

ProHydrate: View  –  Download